Drogago researcher is simple chrome extension which saves viewed and visited articles on three very popular scientific databases: webofscience.com, sciencedirect.com, link.springer.com.
It helps researchers by reducing time spent to read the same articles again and again even though it's not interesting for them.
In results of the extension working articles which was displayed in search page are coloured orange (there is a requirement to spend a minimum of 10 seconds on a page of search results). Articles which was opened by the user are coloured red.
Extension save articles in common memory so articles displayed on one of the databases will be coloured in all other.
Extension is free to use!
Please contact on email: support@drogago.com to share your opinion about extension or if you have any issues. You can also send you propositions to new futures. Please feel free to contact us!

Alpha-version means that it can be unstable in working!

Privacy policy

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